Ariva is the largest dedicated Private Rental finance provider to personal consumers in the country. Private Rental has all the same characteristics as traditional instalment sale finance from Banks, but with added benefits and flexibility.
Our Solutions

How it works

This product offers vehicle USAGE WITH MAINTENANCE, Insurance, Roadside Assitance and no risk of ownership. The Client carries NO maintenance risk except for cases of driver abuse. We also consider rentals for clients who do not qualify for traditional bank finance.


  • Ariva offers various contract periods based on the type of vehicle
  • There is no balloon payment when you lease a vehicle from Ariva.
  • With Ariva the vehicle is comprehensively insured against accident, theft, fire and third party claims.
  • Ariva clients carry no depreciation risk. Simply hand the vehicle back at the end of the contract. The hassle and trade-in valuation risk lies with Ariva.
  • As an added benefit and to complement your changing lifestyle needs if you meet the upgrade Qualifying terms and conditions, you can hand the vehicle back after 36 months at no penalties or costs and upgrade to a newer or more suitable model.
  • At the end of the term, you are also able to make an offer of the vehicle, which we would finance for you.
  • With Ariva most of your service and/or maintenance needs are provided for, for the full duration of your rental contract.

Ariva Offers two products to suite your needs:

  • Ariva Lite - covers the required services for the vehicle
  • Ariva Premium - covers the required services plus maintenance work and tyres for the vehicle.

Ariva also offers a 24/7 roadside assistance benefit at no extra cost.

Managing Director: Ariva

Ian Boyd-Sutherland

Tel: 0861 0 ARIVA (27482)