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Banks got you down on your Crypto Arbitrage? Here’s how Merchant West has you covered.

The South African Reserve Bank has finally provided further clarity on Bitcoin arbitrage trades, which has been long overdue.

Volatility in the currency market presents opportunity to those willing to embrace it

Many companies in South Africa have foreign exchange exposure. Making or receiving payments in foreign currencies inevitably results in foreign exchange risk.

Merchant West Capital Markets

Merchant West Capital Markets has been servicing its clientele for over 20 years, offering market-leading treasury services that assist both corporates and individuals with their foreign exchange (

Understanding Government's responses to the economic fallout of COVID-19

COVID-19, the Coronavirus, SARS-cov2; it goes by many names and is on the world’s lips at the moment.

A message from our Capital Markets team amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hi All,

Sending Money Offshore

The South African Reserve Bank allows individuals to transfer their funds offshore utilizing either of the options below:

Merchant West Capital Markets

Whether you're a large or small business, Merchant West Capital Markets can tailor make a solution to suit your needs from our great range of products.


If you're thinking about transferring funds offshore then contact us today. We offer fantastic rates and can assist with the entire process.

Investing Abroad

Transferring offshore? make sure you're getting the most from your Discretionary Allowance.

Foreign Investment Allowance

Are you investing in property abroad? The South African Reserve Bank allows individuals to transfer up to R10 million offshore, per calendar year, using their Foreign Investment Allowance.