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The benefits of leasing your vehicles with Merchant West Fleet
24 March 2020

Cars are a depreciating asset and because of this, business vehicle leasing is on the rise in South Africa and has already been adopted by many Corporates and Government departments that operate large fleets of various vehicle types.

On the contrary, we have found that small and medium businesses are not very well informed of the benefits of vehicle leasing and still opt for traditional vehicle financing methods - including cash - that don’t necessarily match their actual needs.

Our core vehicle leasing products are simple, can include several different convenience services if required and are tailor-made to suit your specific operating circumstances.

The benefits of leasing your fleet with us is that you have flexible lease options which all equate to paying for the usage of the vehicle only, you have the option to terminate the lease at any point and we focus on the end-to-end administration while you focus on the operations of you day-to-day business.