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Merchant West_Asset Finance Designed for the Ambitious

There still exist many misconceptions around the term “finance”. At Merchant West we strive to demystify asset finance and promote it as a bespoke solution for businesses to acquire the equipment and systems they need to grow. Finance should not be limited as the misconstrued term it often is referred to, used to simply describe people who cannot afford to buy. The reality of finance is that it is designed for profitable companies that want to become industry leaders, with best-practice financial risk management consciousness. Our asset finance solutions are designed for the ambitious, here’s why:

Expand With Quality and Variety

In a market place full of competition, our asset finance solutions award entrepreneurs with the opportunity to expand and improve their existing assets in order to offer the best service, while amplifying productivity. Our expert service and advice is geared towards specific industries, as we offer you finance products with lenders who can provide a superior-quality, overall asset package that will give you the edge over the competitors in your industry.

Working Capital is Preserved

Working capital is a crucial part of a successful business focussed on sustainability and growth. Businesses should look at implementing asset finance solutions to reduce risk and retain cash, long before they find themselves in a situation where finance is the only option.

Overall Benefits

The overall benefits of asset finance, besides the obvious benefit of developing your business for improved service delivery and productivity includes:

  • Flexible repayments
  • Tax benefits
  • Low rates
  • Access to a wide variety of the latest equipment for your business

Why Merchant West?

At Merchant West, we offer flexibility in order to ensure that our client’s specific needs and capabilities are met with structured asset finance solutions. We offer a variety of personalised services, with a broad scope of expertise, to offer committed asset financing unique to your area of business. Our tailor-made solutions also include a fast and thorough analysis to fully understand your business before presenting the best solutions to any viable opportunity. Contact us for more information on our finance solutions, tailored for the ambitious, structured for growth.