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Our team of specialists have a solid understanding of operational, financial and transactional complexities, having over 780 years’ collective experience in the asset finance industry to offer you a range of finance products and boutique solutions.

The benefits of financing your assets through us is that we offer you flexible repayment options either on a monthly or quarterly structure and rentals that are 100% tax deductible, minimising income tax obligations as well as savings on costly administration fees.

Finance Products

Operating Lease

An operating lease is purely off-balance sheet funding where there is no depreciation to write off, and the interest is calculated on the capital amount, excluding VAT. By the end of the lease period you do not own the asset, and you will only have paid for the use thereof.

Operating Lease with Ownership (rent to own)

An operating lease with ownership is structured in the same way as a standard operating lease, with the exception that there is an option to take ownership of the asset at the end of the lease period (at a negotiated premium).

Instalment Sale

With instalment sales ownership of the asset is automatically transferred to you once the final instalment on the lease has been paid. This lease is treated as on-balance sheet funding, and depreciation can be written off. Interest is charged on the full capital amount, including VAT.

Sale And Leaseback

A sale and leaseback arrangement is one where the seller of an asset leases that same asset back from the buyer. With Merchant West this involves you selling your fixed asset back to us, and it is then rented back over the remaining lifespan. In this way you enable your company to still make use of the asset while freeing up cash for other company operations.


We offer insurance for assets such as the following:

  • Computer Equipment
  • Computer Software
  • Office Automation
  • Security Equipment
  • Commercial and Motor Fleets
  • Construction and Engineering Equipment
  • Mining and Agriculture Equipment
  • Aviation
  • Solar

Merchant West Asset Finance has been helping customers finance their mining, construction and earthmoving equipment for over 20 years.  Talk to us about the variety of options that will best suit your business.


Merchant West Asset Finance has built expertise in the financing of new and second-hand agri equipment as well as specialised equipment.

IT and Software

Merchant West Asset Finance has a dedicated team of experts that can put together solutions for finance of your technology assets, from Asset Lifecycle product and advice, to rental solution for laptops, servers, software and technology implementation.

Aviation Finance

We go beyond just financing aircraft, we assist customers in the financing the likes of Engine Overhauls and Avionic upgrades, with our team of experts who understand the complexities of this sector, we are able to structure a deal that suits the customer.

Solar Equipment

Merchant West Asset Finance have dedicated experts to assist in structuring deals to suit the needs of customers wishing to invest in renewable energy solutions from solar to LED lighting.

Security and CCTV

Whether you want to rent or own your security and CCTV equipment, Merchant West have the right solutions for you

Medical Equipment

Our Medical Equipment finance solutions can be tailored to your needs and we will consider a very wide range of equipment, including pre-owned equipment.

Transport and Logistics

Merchant West Asset Finance have a team of experts who understand the complexities of this industry and can provide finance solutions for trucks, trailers, busses and other related assets.

Construction and Manufacturing

Merchant West Asset Finance has been helping customers finance their manufacturing equipment for over 20 years.  Talk to us about the variety of options that will best suit your business.

Office Automation Rental Finance

Renting of office automation equipment like printers, copiers and telecommunication solutions is what Merchant West have been doing for over 20 years.  With our strong partnerships with the suppliers of the equipment as well as our in-house expertise we are able to facilitate the right deal for you

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