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Articles | Banks got you down on your Crypto Arbitrage? Here’s how Merchant West has you covered.

The South African Reserve Bank has finally provided further clarity on Bitcoin arbitrage trades, which has been long overdue. However, with clarity comes strong regulations brought to the banks in South Africa further slowing down your turn around time for payments.

What is arbitrage?

Arbitrage is purchasing an asset in one market and selling it in another market at a higher price and profiting on the pricing disparity which exists between the exchanges. Arbitrage opportunities exist in a lot of other markets, however, due to the young age and volatility of Bitcoin there exist one of the largest pricing disparities around at the moment.

Due to the risk involved in volatile markets, a quick turnaround time on your payment is salient on these transfers which could either widen or reduce your profit.


How does Merchant West help?

We open a free foreign exchange account in your name at our partner bank. You only deal with Merchant West and fund your account at a reputable bank so we never directly handle your funds.

The benefits?

  • Preferential exchange rates – due to our high volume of forex and credit facilities, we have access to substantially better pricing than you as an individual would receive
  • Low transfer costs – pay a fixed fee of R600 to send funds abroad whereas banks charge anywhere up to R1500
  • We handle all the admin for you and check that your source of funds is valid before submitting to the bank.
  • Fast turnaround times – our dedicated dealing team ensures that your payment is executed timeously.
  • The account is completely free! has no monthly charges or subscription fees, no activation costs and can be activated within 24 hours. Get in touch and one of our portfolio managers will walk you through the registration.

Merchant West Capital Markets is an authorised and regulated financial services provider (FSP number 7042).

Fast international payments, a free account and a dedicated team helping you every step of the way, enquire with one of our consultants today and we will walk you through the entire process, putting you one step ahead, email us at to find out more.