Merchant West believes in giving back to the community through our continued support of charitable initiatives.


Hospice Wits

The Hospice Association of the Witwatersrand was started in September, 1979 by a Johannesburg couple, Stan and Sherley Henen, who first responded to a need in their community for Hospice care. Initially care was provided by a part-time nurse from their house. In 2009, Hospice Wits opened an Orphans and Vulnerable Children crèche in an abandoned school in Mapetla, Soweto which has since closed down due to a lack of funding. Today they have more than 125 full-time staff, including doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists and spiritual counselors. As an NPO, Hospice Wits have to raise their our own funds by selling donated goods; getting fundraising through generous donations from corporates and individuals, and by holding a number of events throughout the year. Merchant West donated 30 full bags of clothes and blankets to support Hospice Wits and their amazing initiative.

Helpende Hand

Solidariteit’s Helpende Hand was established in 1949 in response to the poverty crisis after the Second World War. Today, their helping hand service extends much further – from children to the elderly – with a specific focus on alleviating, preventing and breaking free from poverty. They believe the best way to do this is through training and skills transfer, with a particular focus on preventing children from falling into the poverty spiral. Helpende Hand functions within the Solidarity movement as a non-profit company that generates its own funds and Merchant West is a proud sponsor of this organisation.

Kitty and Puppy Haven

Kitty and Puppy Haven is a pro-life sanctuary that started in 2000 with the sole purpose of rescuing neglected, abused and abandoned animals. Most of their cases originate from veterinary practices, low income areas, other welfare organizations (that work in the townships and squatter-camps) or from emergency rescues. While animal rescue and rehabilitation are a priority, educating people on correct animal care is critical.

Merchant West took 67 minutes for Mandela Day to spend time at the Kitty & Puppy Haven helping repaint the kennels and collect the necessities they really need.

Santa Shoebox Project

The Santa Shoebox Project collects and distributes gifts for underprivileged children throughout South Africa & Namibia. In 12 years, the project has reached 762 594 children. Every year Merchant West collects boxes with the requirements needed to give a child a Christmas present.

Casual Day

Launched in 1995, Casual Day is an awareness and fundraising campaign benefiting persons with disabilities. Each year on the first Friday of September, South Africans are encouraged to go to work or school dressed differently – either dress up or dress down – and to wear the official Casual Day sticker to show their support for persons with disabilities. Merchant West takes part in this every year to raise as much funds as possible for this worthy cause.