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In the end, business goals are all about growth, and how do businesses achieve this growth? This is a complex question which very often leads to a conglomeration of answers. As a more simple solution, we offer customised financial solutions which are available for businesses to conquer their resolutions, with minimal risk and specialised consultation services. After all, how can a business expand their opportunities without growing? Let’s take a dive into some resolutions which businesses may have set for this upcoming year, and how we can help you get there.

Resolution 1: My Business Needs Financing to Acquire New Assets

Finance is often needed in order for businesses to acquire more assets to improve their productivity, grow, or to replace outdated systems and equipment. In order to have these asset goals realised, an immense amount of research is usually needed in order to find a solution that best suits your expectations and abilities. At Merchant West, we simplify this process by instead offering you a customised solution based on best-practice industry knowledge as well as your unique needs. Specialising in numerous business areas, our asset finance solutions are as follows:

  • Operating Lease
  • Operating Lease with Ownership
  • Instalment Sale
  • Sale and Leaseback

For more information on our asset finance solutions, have a look at our Asset Finance page.

Resolution 2: My Business Requires Improved Cash and Risk Management Solutions

Businesses may find themselves unable to find the solutions they need to enhance cash management, risk management and liquidity. Your goal may therefore be to identify methods in which you can effectively manage services such as forex, the money market and short-term finance while simultaneously yielding cost savings and profitability. The services we offer you to find a solution include:

  • Bridging Financing
  • Treasury Outsourcing
  • Forward Exchange Contracts, and more.

If you’re interested in our capital markets product offerings, developed by experienced traders, navigate to our Capital Markets page for further details.

Resolution 3: I Need to Increase My Business’ Working Capital

If your company is struggling with cash flow planning and management, or you are simply looking for a solution to optimise your current working capital availability, have a look at our Working Capital Solutions. We offer specialised solutions that will help your business increase working capital and improve its day-to-day cash flow. This can be achieved through services that include full book invoice discounting, single invoice discounting, purchase order finance, and stock finance.

With two decades of experience, we are confident in our offerings, and enthusiastic about helping your business reach all its goals for 2019, and far into the future. Be sure to contact us so that we can introduce you to our range of finance products and boutique solutions.