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Construction and Manufacturing Finance in South Africa

Building the Growth of Your Business Together

In order to strengthen your position in the construction and manufacturing industry, you need to continually develop and grow your business. For a business, development can mean many things, from expanding into new markets, to simply investing in the right assets, such as earthmoving equipment and manufacturing plant assets of the highest quality.

By investing in the essential equipment that your business needs to run successfully on a day-to-day basis, you can support the development and boost the growth of your business. How should you invest? The smart way – through construction and manufacturing finance solutions with us.

Construction and Manufacturing Equipment Finance – Your Benefits

Minimise Risk and Maximise Cash Flow

By getting construction and manufacturing finance from the asset finance specialists at Merchant West, you can enjoy many benefits while acquiring the equipment that your business needs.

Which Benefits May I Look Forward to?

  • Don’t wait for budget, get your equipment when you need it, not when budget allows for it.
  • Avoid handing over a large lump sum for a depreciating asset, rather opt to keep cash within the business and minimise your risk.
  • By offsetting 100% of rental costs against the corporate tax liability of your company, you get to enjoy fantastic tax benefits.
  • Feel safe and secure with structured payments of the rental agreement for budgeting purposes.
  • Protect your existing lines of credit by using rentals as an alternative to your existing funding lines.

Construction and Manufacturing Finance – Types of Equipment

Merchant West Has Built Relationships with Top Suppliers in the Industry

From large to small equipment and machinery, businesses can acquire a range of assets in a customised package, personally designed to suit the needs of each individual business. Manufacturing and construction finance can be used to invest in the following types of equipment, among others:

  • Dump Trucks
  • Compressors
  • Mixers
  • General Machine Equipment
  • Mobile Computing and Tablets
  • Conveyers, and more.

Why Trust Merchant West with Your Manufacturing and Construction Finance?

Our team of asset finance specialists collectively have over 780 years of experience in the asset finance industry. This experience empowers our asset finance solutions with a solid understanding of your industry, as well as of any operational, financial and transactional complexities. This allows us to offer you a range of only the best manufacturing and construction equipment finance products and boutique solutions.

Tailor-Made Construction Equipment and Manufacturing Asset Finance Solutions by Merchant West

Feel Safe and Secure with Business Asset Finance Solutions from Merchant West

  • Operating Lease
  • Operating Lease with Ownership
  • Instalment Sale
  • Sale and Leaseback