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Medical Equipment Finance in South Africa

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Healthcare practices, clinics and hospitals should be equipped with the latest medical equipment, supplies and accessories to offer professional service of the highest standards. From hospitals looking to upgrade and modernise their equipment, to growing practices wanting to increase the standard of their services with additional medical assets, there is a financial solution for everyone. We provide various financing solutions which can be tailored for hospitals, private practices, dental practices, and more.

How to Finance Medical Equipment

Upgrade Using Smart Finance Solutions

Medical equipment finance in South Africa is the smart way for hospitals and private practices to upgrade their existing assets and grow into providing a better quality of service. Asset finance solutions that will help healthcare practitioners to conquer their career and growth goals include:

Operating Lease –finance for medical equipment can be done via an operating lease. An operating lease is complete off balance sheet funding which allows for zero depreciation to write off. The interest is also calculated on the capital amount excluding VAT. There is no ownership of the asset at the end of the period, practices therefore pay for the use and not the depreciation. Note that there are also operating lease options available with ownership.

Instalment Sale – An instalment sale is when ownership is automatically transferred to the practice once the final instalment has been received. Unlike with an operating lease, this method is treated as on balance sheet funding and the wear and tear allowances can also be written off.

Sale and Leaseback – With a sale and leaseback, practices can sell the asset(s) back to the relevant medical equipment finance companies and rent it back over the remaining lifespan. This allows businesses to still have use of the asset while freeing up cash.

For healthcare specialists wanting to know how to finance medical equipment, why not team up with the specialists in asset finance who know your industry?  

Merchant West: Medical Equipment Finance Specialists

We Know Your Industry

By financing medical equipment using the services made available by our asset finance solution specialists at Merchant West, hospitals and practices gain access to a variety of benefits:

  • You deal with professionals who have an expert understanding of the healthcare industry
  • Our professionals also have close relationships with top medical equipment suppliers
  • Our payment solutions are customised to suit your requirements and ambitions
  • We offer flexible repayment structures which empower you to maximise cash flow

Medical Equipment Finance in South Africa: What Can Be Financed?

Finance a Variety of Quality Assets with Merchant West

The medical equipment finance solutions from Merchant West can be customised to suit your needs and we will consider a very wide range of equipment, including pre-owned equipment. We specialise in designing medical equipment finance solutions which allows our clients to invest in the following medical equipment from top global brands:

  • Dental Equipment
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Imaging Equipment
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Dermatology Equipment
  • Operative Equipment
  • Medical Lasers
  • Optometry Equipment
  • Software Solutions
  • Physical Therapy Equipment, and more.

By financing your medical equipment with Merchant West, you gain access to the latest medical equipment and software using the smartest finance solutions.

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