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Office Automation Equipment Finance in South Africa

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With automation, AI and smart technology on the rise, businesses across the globe are implementing these systems within their office spaces. These technology, software systems are designed to increase productivity and optimise operations, among other benefits that can be realised after implementation. Now that these systems are made possible through asset and equipment finance solutions, more and more businesses in South Africa can join the smart revolution and successfully compete with local and international competitors in their market.

What is Office Automation Equipment?

Firstly, office automation equipment refers to the hardware and software which has the capability to digitally create, collect, store and relay the information required to accomplish basic tasks. Tasks, such as basic administrative duties, can thus be automated, hence the name. The main functions of office automation equipment is to maximise productivity and boost performance by achieving basic tasks through smart machinery and software, mitigating the need for manual labour. Common examples of processes that can be automated as to increase productivity include:

  • Proposal Approvals
  • Leave Requests
  • Product Pricing
  • New Project Requests, amongst others.

The Advantages of Office Automation

  • Quicker turnaround times and improved time management
  • Savings on expenses such as administrative and logistics services
  • Minimised space requirements due to digital methods/cloud solutions

For enterprises to be granted the opportunity to enjoy the aforementioned benefits, office automation equipment should be introduced to transform existing costly and time-consuming office procedures.

What is Office Automation Asset and Equipment Finance?

In order to purchase equipment, it can either be bought with cash or financed with alternative solutions. Asset and equipment finance offers these alternative options where the assets can be used with options to lease or own, or even both.

Specialised office equipment financing solutions offer businesses fixed payment terms throughout the lease period, there are also tax benefits and upgrade options.

The Advantages of Office Automation Equipment Finance

  • Term, upgrades and payment flexibility
  • No CAPEX required
  • Tax benefits
  • No depreciation

Office Equipment Finance in South Africa

Go Smart with Merchant West

Office automation asset and equipment finance, offered through business finance and advisory services, will allow businesses to get the right finance solutions to fund smart office automation systems. With tailor-made office asset finance solutions that are suited to each business’ unique requirements, South African businesses can now get the opportunity to compete on an international level and improve productivity, the smart way.

Renting of office automation equipment like printers, copiers and telecommunication solutions is what Merchant West have been doing for over 20 years. With our strong partnerships with the suppliers of the equipment, as well as our in-house expertise, we are able to facilitate the right deal for you.

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