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You need a vehicle to generate income for your business, but want the option of ownership at the end of the lease without taking any maintenance risk or worrying about the hassle of annual licensing. At Merchant West Fleet, we understand the need for this flexibility and make it easy for you to enter into a vehicle lease arrangement that really does suit your business needs. You decide what will work best for your business … investing in ownership or paying for usage? But what is the impact of each.

The table below illustrates how your cash flow would be affected in selecting ownership at end of contract versus paying for usage only.

Based on a VW Golf 1.0 Comfortline over 48 months and 120 000 kilometers:

Lease to Own

Full Maintenance Lease

R9 626.08 ex VAT per month

R6 461.40 ex VAT per month

Take Ownership

Return vehicle to us

Includes Maintenance, Tyres and Annual License Renewals

Includes Maintenance, Tyres and Annual Licence Renewals

Depreciation risk lies with you

We take the Future Value risk; you pay for usage


Whether you wish to take ownership of your fleet, or simply pay for usage, Merchant West Fleet can assist with any solution.

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