Quentin Grape

Managing Director: Capital Markets & Working Capital Solutions

Quentin completed his TOPP articles and qualified as a CA at Standard Bank in 2006. He then joined the corporate credit team at Standard Bank, as a credit analyst based under the corporate and investment banking umbrella focusing on both listed and unlisted corporate exposures within Standard Bank. For the subsequent 3 years Quentin was placed in a credit evaluation role, with an approval mandate and specific responsibility for Nigeria, Mozambique and Swaziland. Quentin was then promoted to the Team Leader for Structured Debt and Leverage Credit products at Standard Bank. Quentin joined Merchant West in May 2011, as Head of Risk and Compliance and was promoted with effect May 2015, as COO. Thereafter, in January 2017, Quentin was appointed as Managing Director of the Capital Markets Division. In 2018, Quentin was appointed as the Interim MD of the Working Capital Solutions business.