Capital Markets | Bridging Financing

Merchant West Short-term Funding

What It Is:

This solution offers your business short-term funding in a cost-effective manner where liquidity is required in the fastest possible time. This allows for some ‘breathing room’ while you secure long-term finance or realise the sale of your assets. This solution also functions as a cash-flow backend lend.

Risks Attached:

  • Re-active Price and Forex Volatility management can lead to financial risks and potential margin losses.
  • Ineffective management of the cost of debt assigned to funding commodities and/or debtors will result in deterioration in overall gross profit margins and increased cost of capital.
  • Cash flow mismanagement can lead to impulsive short term debt raising at excessive debt rates/costs.

Business Value Add

  • Enhanced cash flow management and liquidity.
  • Competitive product pricing.
  • Overall ease of doing business.