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This is the most opportune time for you to partner with a Financier; whether you’re a supplier of equipment that traditionally sells on a cash basis, or a commercial business needing to invest in new equipment during these unforeseen times of having lost over a month’s turnover – we all need a “ Finance Wingman” 

Supplier Advantages to offering a finance solution:

  • All clients will be looking more meticulously at current and future purchases.
  • Offering your clients a variety of finance options will set you apart from the opposition.
  • Timeous delivery of the chosen finance option is key as traditional banks are cumbersome!
  • Payment holidays, deferred payments, skipped payments, seasonal payments, are all “another arrow in your quiver”.
  • Having immediate financial sales support countrywide - no two deals are ever the same.
  • Closing your sale now rather than having to wait until “everything gets back to normal”, or for your client’s new financial year.

Business Advantages to entertaining a finance solution:

  • Your Budgets have been disrupted and you need to look at Financing options for critical projects.
  • Priorities have changed, and you have had to invest in equipment you never anticipated a need for.
  • The Sale and Lease back of newly acquired assets is a quick and easy way to inject cash back into the business.
  • Re-Capitalization of unencumbered assets is a sure way of realizing hidden opportunities to boost cash flow.
  • Having the opportunity and flexibility to align your finance repayments against your business cash flow.
  • Access to a group of Professional Financiers countrywide without the call centre, ready to help you!

For more information on how we can become your Finance Wingman, email Mike Murray directly at