We are proud of where we are and how far we have come and are continuously striving for growth in every aspect of our and your business.

On the corner of a busy street in Sandton, a meeting of minds occurred between three individuals: “We can offer solutions to a niche market of clients not being serviced by the banks!”
The newly incorporated organisation starts servicing the market by offering Specialised Finance and Property Finance.
Bought Asset Finance Business. Treasury becomes part of our boutique of offerings.
Our national footprint begins with the establishment of a KZN business relationship.
Finalised the buy-out and re-branding of all business units to Merchant West. Establishment of Merchant West Holdings.
Finalised Specialised Finance buy-back.
First collection Agency agreement signed with a bank whereby Merchant West collects the rentals.

Formalised our accounting system with the purchase of a tailor-made solution.
Further consolidation of the Group by ensuring all subsidiaries are wholly-owned.
Public Sector Finance established.
Merchant West Asset Rentals established.
Rated by Moody’s at A1
First Floor Assistance established to sell second hand electronic equipment.
Working Capital Solutions established.
Dirt Diggers established to sell second hand capital goods.
FSB License obtained.
Cape Town and Pretoria become franchises.
Mpumalanga becomes a franchise.
Merchant West finances goods in excess of R1 Billion for the first time.
Full Maintenance Lease division established.
Moved to new premises: 82 Maude Street.
Purchased I to I Solutions and incorporated it into Merchant West Specialised Finance.
Merchant West Working Capital Solutions adds Full Book Discounting to their portfolio
Merchant West Collections SPV is established.
Merchant West Working Capital Solutions establishes securitisation.
Official launch of our new brand: “The Abacus”
International Finance Corporation approves investment into Merchant West Working Capital Solutions with AAA rated bonds – first international investor, followed by Nedbank as a second invester.
The Capital Markets Division offers FEC funding facilities to clients.
Merchant West launches staff share incentive trust.
Secured loan and cession financing on our balance sheet.
Converted our KZN franchise to a fully-fledged branch.
Restructuring business to be product focused rather than regionally focused.
We listed our bonds on the JSE.
Merchant West Working Capital Solutions secures a Global Credit Rating of AAA.
MW exceeds 150 staff members for the first time.
Merchant West received a AAA rating from Global Credit Rating.
Merchant West Asset Rentals issues seconds Tranche of Notes on the JSE.
Merchant West celebrated 20 years of business. Revfin and Abela acquisitions. Abela rebranded to Merchant West Fleet
Expanded our national footprint with the opening of a branch in Port Elizabeth.
Grew our total assets in excess of R 3 billion.
Acquisition of Sterling Private Wealth and Counterpoint Asset Management.
Moved our head office to new premises: 145 West Street, Sandton
Increased our shareholding in Counterpoint Asset management.
Issuance of ZAR 300 million Note by Merchant West Asset Finance.
Bridge fund managers acquired by counterpoint asset management