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Transport and Logistics Finance in South Africa

Successfully Driving Your Business Forward with Smart Finance Solutions

In order to drive your business forward, you need to invest in the right transport and logistics assets using smart finance solutions. At Merchant West, we understand that in order for your business to grow, you need access to the equipment that will stimulate the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Using transport and logistics finance solutions to fund the vehicles and equipment you need to drive your business forward, from freight to supply chain and logistics assets, we help you with the right finance solutions.

Transport and Business Vehicle Finance by Merchant West – What Do We Finance?

Financing the Assets You Need to Thrive

Our transport and business vehicle finance solutions empower your business to finance a variety of assets using beneficial and proven asset finance products. With Merchant West as your asset finance partners, you lease, purchase or refinance equipment such as:

  • Trucks
  • Abnormal Loads Vehicles
  • Light Delivery Vehicles (LDVs)
  • Buses and Staff Transport Vehicles
  • Business Car Trailers
  • Other Transport and Logistics Assets

We finance the biggest brands in the transport and logistics industry, empowering you to acquire the specialised vehicles and equipment needed to take on even your biggest competitors.

Why Use Merchant West for Your Transport and Logistics Asset Finance?

Transport and Logistics Finance Designed by Asset Finance Specialists

At Merchant West, our asset finance solutions are tailor-made to fit the needs of your business. Our asset finance specialists are experts in providing finance solutions to a variety of industries, we are therefore well-versed in understanding exactly what your business needs to grow. Some of the reasons why we are asset finance specialists includes:

Our Experience – Our team has in excess of over 780 years experience in offering asset finance solutions to businesses in a variety of industries.

Our Passion – We are passionate about improving the fortunes of clients, giving them the tailor-made solutions they need to grow and thrive.

Our ValuesOur values allow us to rise up and uplift our clients and their businesses with a boutique of specialised finance products.

Our Relationships – We have built strong relationships with a variety of suppliers in various industries, this allows us to connect your business with quality assets.

Merchant West Transport and Logistics Finance

Merchant West’s Asset Finance division has a team of experts who understand the complexities of the transport and logistics industry and can provide finance solutions for trucks, trailers, busses and other related assets. Our Asset Finance solutions include:

Operating Lease –An operating lease is complete off balance sheet funding which allows for zero depreciation to write off. The interest is also calculated on the capital amount excluding VAT. There is no ownership of the asset(s) at the end of the period, businesses therefore pay for the use and not the depreciation. Note that there are also operating lease options available with ownership.

Instalment Sale – An instalment sale is where ownership is automatically transferred to the business once the final instalment has been received. Unlike with an operating lease, this method is treated as on balance sheet funding.

Sale and Leaseback – With a sale and leaseback, businesses can sell the asset(s) back to the relevant transport and logistics finance companies and rent it back over the remaining lifespan. This allows businesses to still have use of the asset while freeing up cash.

Contact Our Asset Finance Team at Merchant West to Find Out About the Transport and Logistics Solution We Can Design for Your Business.